At Anchor Dock & Lift, they pride themselves on providing safe, dependable, and easy to use products that are as beautiful as your lake home. They appreciate the importance of investing in quality products and will take the time to understand your needs before suggesting the right product for you. They also have everything you need to enjoy the lake!

Anchor Dock & Lift has been family owned and operated for nearly a decade. They are the proud dealer of FLOE, ShoreMaster, Pier Pleasure, DH Docks & ShoreTracker Marine Rail Systems. They also offer a range of lakeshore services, including but not limited to annual install and removal of docks and lifts, transportation of boats, boat winterization, boat storage and detailing.

Motto: “World Class Products, Exceptional Service – Exceed Expectations”

Founded: April, 2004

Led by: Jefferson & Joelle Bishop

Why They’re Unique: No matter what type of boat, pontoon or watercraft, Anchor Dock and Lift has what you need. They can help choose the dock or lift that is right for you and your landscape. They also carry kayaks and accessories to enhance your lake experience.

They Can Answer Questions Relating to: How do you install a canopy or a boat lift? How do I clean my boat canopy? What is the best way to take off my boat canopy from the lift without it falling into the water? How should I store my canopy for the season?

How to pick the right dock:

There is a right dock for every application. That is a matra they use at Anchor Dock & Lift. While any decision about a dock should be made with input from Anchor Dock & Lift, these 3 questions will help guide you toward the type of dock that is right for your application.

Answer these 4 questions with scale of 1-5: 

I have a hard lake bottom…

– 1 2 3 4 5

0’ of muck (1)- 1 ft. of muck or more (5)

I have a gradual slope to waters edge and into the lake…

– 1 2 3 4 5

Gradual slope- no obstacles such as walls, a berm, rip wrap, etc. (1) – 1 or more significant obstacles (5)

I have a lot of room on my shoreline to store my dock in the winter…

– 1 2 3 4 5

Lots of room (1) – No room to store a dock on shore (5)

Score it: Find out what type of dock is right for you?

Score: 3-6

Anchor Dock & Lift  would recommend a ROLL-IN dock. The ease of having wheels on your dock is wonderful if the application is conducive to using wheels such as a gradual slope with no obstacles and a hard bottom. Wheels do not allow for stacking so it will require more storage space in the winter.

Score: 6-12

Anchor Dock & Lift would recommend a SECTIONAL dock. The ability to carry each section for installation or for winter storage provides greater flexibility and ease of service. A sectional dock is more appropriate for less than ideal shoreline applications.

Score: 12-15

Anchor Dock & Lift  would recommend a FLOATING dock. While slightly more expensive upfront, the floating dock can work in virtually any application and can even be more economical in the long run because the dock never needs to be leveled and does not need to be removed because it can freeze into the lake in the winter with less risk of damage.

There are a number of other considerations before making a final decision on any dock, but based on your score above, you can get a very good idea on what dock is the right dock for you.

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See the expert demonstrate some tips and tricks to install and remove a lift canopy.

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