You might recall the old saying, "Bottling up your anger is bad for you", believe it!

Based on an recent article in the NY Daily News venting your anger will give you a longer life by a couple of years.

A recent study and analysis of 6,000 patients that took place in Germany found those that vent their anger versus keeping it all bottled up will live an average of two years longer. The information gathered was published in the Journal Health Psychologies.

Like a lot of studies they are based on theories and this study for example keeping in your anger increases both your heart rate and anxiety.The last thing we want is to have to deal with heart disease and extremely high blood pressure, right?

The study focused on The Italians and Spanish who out-lived the English two years longer.

Once you've released your anger and you've cooled off it's amazing how much better you feel.

When you're angry you know how you feel and your heart beats faster, proof in the pudding.