Do you have someone on your list that you just don’t know what to buy? You don’t want to give them another gift card. Cash is always nice, but you want something that stands out. Here are a few gift ideas that won’t go in the return pile and will be used for years to come. 

Do you have a friend or a relative who likes the outdoors? A picnic basket is a different idea that’s sure to get some use. There are baskets in every price range, and most come complete with dishes, flatware and glasses, plus an insulated compartment to keep your sandwiches cold. Another fun idea is a wine backpack. It’s a backpack with space for a corkscrew, glasses and a couple of bottles of wine. There are also some that come with a cheeseboard and slicer. There’s even a wine and picnic backpack that’s the best of both worlds. Voila! A day in the park and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to reap the benefits.

I am a freeze box and one gift I got that I use pretty much every day is a pair of slippers. They aren’t the sexiest thing in the world, but cozy slippers can be a day maker. I come home and take off my shoes and put on my slippers and sometimes my whole mood changes. If you have someone on your list that has a high pressure job or they’re under a lot of stress, a nice cozy pair of slippers can remind them to take a break. They’re perfect for weekend coffee on the porch, or just flapping around the house. Pair it up with some cozy loungewear and give someone the gift of relaxation. It’s a good gift.

Do you have a music lover on your list? There are a number of things you can do with old record albums. Many records can be found in the dollar bin at the record store. One of my favorites is to cut out the center label. You’ll need to sand down the edges. Cut out a piece of cork that’s the same size as the label. Hot glue the cork and the label together. Repeat with four or six different labels. Another cool idea is to make some record refrigerator magnets. Cut out the center label of the record and sand the edges; then cut out magnet material that’s the same size as the label and hot glue them together. It’s not going to cost a lot, but it’s unique and sure to be used and remembered.