Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon are expecting their twins in April and already have some baby names picked out.

Nick said, "They won't be getting crazy names like Carburetor or something. But they're definitely unique."

Sparkplug, anyone?

I guess they won’t be using The Top Baby Names at St. Cloud Hospital list for inspiration.

There were a lot of Logans and Avas born at St. Cloud Hospital last year.  The hospital has released the top names for babies born in 2010.

The top ten girls names:
1). Ava
2). Olivia
3). Sophia
4). Addison
5).  Grace
6). Ella
7). Claire
8). Lily
9). Abigail
10). Avery

And the top ten boys names:
1). Logan
2). Gavin
3). Mason
4). Owen
5). Carter
6). Ethan
7). Alexander
8). Evan
9). Jacob
10). Liam

The total number of births at St. Cloud Hospital last year was 2,682 — that’s 61 fewer than in 2009 and it’s also the lowest number in the past five years.