Fans excited about the Twilight stars got a surprise Thursday morning at Comic-Con. Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene and Elizabeth Reaser showed up with breakfast, posed for pictures, handed out autographed goodies. Some of the fans said they lined up as early as Monday to get a glimpse of the stars.

Nikki Reed talked about meeting some of the fans:

"I feel like this is our time to get out and have actual experiences with fans. Being out here with them makes me feel the films are special, important and really mean something to them."

During Thursday's panel, Kristen Stewart discussed the extreme secrecy surrounding the big wedding in Breaking Dawn:

"The wedding was filmed Secret Service style insane. The crew was completely inconvenienced. There was no cell phone or email. But, I said thank you so much to them because if this wedding dress gets on the Internet, I'll die!"

The stars also discussed the birth scene that's coming up. Rob Pattinson revealed,

"I think the birth scene is so different to everything else in the movie. Also for a fantasy series that has kind of a youngish audience, it goes quite far. It's quite hardcore."

Kristen added to Rob's comment saying:

"It felt overtly graphic."

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