My wife and I happen to get lucky and have no kids for the night. She brought up the fact that I've been dying to see The Conjuring and we should check it out. I can't tell you the last time we went to a movie on a weeknight but it was a 6:30PM showing and pizza at Zaffiro's before hand sounded good.  I'm a huge fan of scary movies and live to share my enthusiasm with anyone who will listen.  I recently borrowed my Poltergiest collection to a co-worker and have been on pins and needles waiting for his reaction.

The Conjuring's trailer had me hooked from the first view.  I was expecting this to be the scariest movie of the year and something that I could use to scare my wife for many years to come.  She's not a fan of these types of movies, so getting her to not only suggest it but tag along was beyond comprehension.  We did grab some awsome pizza before the show at Zaffiro's (if you've not tried it, you're missing a little slice of heaven).  I love that the Parkwood 18 in Waite Park has a restaurant like Zaffiro's inside and caters to "family friendly" dining.

So back to The Conuring.  It started very slow for me (others have said it scared them in the first 5 minutes).  Its one of those movies that grabs your attention and then quickly loses it.  It had alot of up and down moments for me.  I will say the last 30 minutes lived up to the hype and the very fact its based on a "true" story scores high in my book.  I love the fact its set in the 1970's and we even see a clip of the family watching the Brady Bunch (for some reason its scarier when people are dressed like the Village People).  The scariest parts of the movie were seeing one of the young daughters being pulled around the living room by her hair by an unseen force and the mothers possesion scene towards the end of the movie in the basement as the exorcism is taking place (her eyes were crazy).  The cast was great and from what I've read theres a part two in the works already.  It had a 20 million budget and has already grossed over 250 million at the box office.

So back to the wife.  She was staring at her twitter feed for a majority of the movie (I know cell phones are suppose to be off) but it was a weeknight and we were one of maybe 15 people in the theater.  We also sat in the very back and weren't a distraction to others enjoying the movie.  Everytime "what I thought" was a scary part was on the screen, I made sure to ask "did that one get you" and I would get a sarcastic NO!  She did however pay attention to the creepy faces the "spirits/ demons" made because she used them on me on our way out of the theater and again inside our house.  She happened to get inside the house before me and hid right behind the door leading inside from the garage.  All the lights were out and I was "smart enough" to creep in and caught her shadow before she made me pee my pants.  Again all this from someone who's usally afraid of everything and doesn't watch scary movies for a reason. 

I give it a B- but the Parkwood staff always gets an A+.  Ben and his team always make it a pleasant experience and keep the theater looking good.  We always have an awsome experience and can't wait to hear what they have planned next (from the VIP seating to the affordable family flicks) they are always looking for ways to bring families back and giving them affordable quality entertainment.


The "Clapping" blindfolded hide & seek game the family plays sure looks like fun :) oh and I did try and get Tracy to send me a "selfy" of her making the faces I wrote about above...her text back to me was "You must be crazy."

****UPDATE...She finally sent me a pic