Ever since I have been in St. Cloud - it has been very important to me, that my show - as well as me personally - am involved with the Tri County Humane Society.  Last Friday night, I was lucky enough to represent MIX 94.9 at the Tri County Humane Society's "Wine, Kibbles & Bids" fundraiser.

It was a beautiful evening, and a fantastic night inside The Gorecki Center, on the campus of The College of St. Benedict.  The TCHS has two big fundraisers every year; this event, and the Companion Walk - which takes place every Summer at Wilson Park, in St. Cloud.  So, needless to say, this was a big night for the TCHS - and all of the animals it takes care of!

And the TCHS has come up with a pretty good formula for raising money at a silent auction.

Simply put, they give you free liquor for two hours, while you walk around and bid on auction items.  Sneaky and effective, believe me!

There were four stations where you could taste any wine or beer, and the hosts working those stations were exceptionally friendly, and more than eager to keep your glass full.  It took me a few minutes to adjust to the concept of having to PAY for pop, or water - but getting all the WINE or BEER you could possibly want, for free! (Of course, it was not free, but part of your $50 ticket to benefit the TCHS)

I ended up bidding on SEVEN items - and actually won two of them - making my total donation to the TCHS for the night, including my ticket, a very respectable $86.

The two items I won?  A very nice necklace, and a basket full of; lotions, body wash, after shave, etc.

Of course, dinner was unbelievable (best pork tenderloin I've ever had, no exaggeration), and the presentations tremendous, as well.

It was so nice to see so many people from different; backgrounds, races, cultures, etc.  Everyone coming together for one common cause.

I believe that is what The Tri County Humane Society is all about!