If my apartment allowed dogs, Teddy would've came home with me today. She is so lovable!

Teddy is looking for a new home due to her diagnosis of Addison's Disease. This requires a simple daily medication with a cost of approximately $55 each month, which is a small price to pay for all the love she has to give. She is partially house trained, kenneled at night and free roam during the day. Friendly with other dogs and cats. She is very mellow, loving and affectionate. Teddy likes to cuddle despite her size and loves belly rubs! She does bark at strange noises and was taught the commands sit, up, come, and kennel. She hasn't met any children so slow and proper introductions are encouraged, but as you can tell from the video she is very friendly.

If you want more information on Teddy you can visit the Tri-County Humane Society website!