So let's say you've been waiting for your man to propose for awhile. You're not expecting anything big, but we know if he made an effort at some sort of little production, you'd appreciate it, right?  As reported by CNN, and staged in their studio lounges in Atlanta, serviceman Jonathon Tremblay went a little out of his way to propose to his girlfriend Angela Ceravolo when he convinced the band Train to perform their hit song 'Marry Me' as part of his proposal.

According to CNN:

"Train has been making dreams like this come true ever since Marry Me' came out in '09. The band performs the tune acoustically at concerts and will often hear a small cheer during the song – the sound of another couple getting engaged to their music.

“I love stuff like this,” Lead singer Pat Monahan said. “Anything we can do to contribute to something positive on this planet.”

Train started bringing couples up on stage to propose and eventually decided to spread the joy a little bit wider.  This summer, they’ll pick a military couple from thousands of contest entries for an onstage, soulful proposal."