We see older women topping beautiful lists all the time, so let's highlight some sexy older men! AARP Magazine decided to list the 21 Sexiest Men that are 50 or older.

There are different ways of saying an older man is attractive. Like wine, they get better with age; Silver Fox; AARP calls them Men on Fire. These are men that have already turned 50 and still have sex appeal.  The first man that pops in my head is George Clooney. What I wouldn't give to be Stacy Keibler. Not only is he an attractive man, he seems to have a good head on his shoulders too. Trying to help others, stepping up for good causes, and a pretty darn good actor!

Another man that tops AARP's Men on Fire list and my own, Brian Williams. He is the last man I see on T.V. before heading into the Mix Studios, NBC Nightly News. You say say I have a little crush on him, and not only do I get updated on what's going on around the world, but he is nice to look at, I mean he is a very professional anchor for the news...yea.

A man that didn't make the top 21, but "fans" can vote for that makes my list is Hugh Grant. I don't know why, but every movie of his I see, I fall in love with him. Maybe it's the accent, or his charm, Hugh has my vote for the Men on Fire!

Check out the full list here!

Who do you think is the sexiest man that is 50 and older?

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