Most parents look forward to this time of year, because their kids go back to school and they don't have to entertain them all day. According to a new survey, here are the top four back-to-school stressors for parents . . .

1.  Keeping the house clean.  Which you think would be easier once the kids are back in school. 55% of parents say it stresses them out. Thankfully this isn't an issue in our house.

2.  Worrying they'll get sick, 41%. And that means that YOU'll get sick! It never fails, she gets sick, and one of us is down for the count shortly thereafter.

3.  Making sure they eat a good lunch every day.  About a third of parents says this stresses them out. Macy always comes home hungry.

4.  Paying for school supplies, 30%.  And 38% of parents expect to spend more this year than they did in 2015. I know WE did.

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