Katie Holmes shocked the entertainment world on Friday by filing for divorce from her husband of five years, Tom Cruise. Now we are learning more about it. Here's an update. 


Katie anonymously filed divorce papers in New York on Thursday, and it was a strategic filing as Katie has a better chance at gaining full custody of their daughter Suri because the State of New York has different divorce laws than the State of California, where the former couple also have a home. In the wake of the filing, Katie has fired her entire security team and her publicist over fears that the may be spies that infiltrated the family, set up by Tom and are reporting back to the Church of Scientology.

Now, this may sound all whacked out and crazy, but it may not be that far off. Apparently, there was a call to police that there were two men outside of her new apartment building acting suspiciously. Her bodyguard and her driver were two of those fired because of their allegiance to Tom and she only started working with them at Tom's behest when they got together seven years ago, so out the door they went. Were they the two suspicious men outside of the apartment building? I don't know, but two heavily armed men in dark suits taking pictures of everyone who came in an out of the building so they could see who they are sounds like stalking to me and though I don't know Tom personally, the more and more I learn about Scientology, I wouldn't put it past him.

The divorce has apparently made Katie and her dad a bit closer. Katie's father is a divorce attorney in her native Ohio and he allegedly came to New York to help her file papers. People Magazine staffers say that her dad in no way swayed Katie's decision to divorce Tom because, "She's a strong person and makes up her own mind" and that Katie was "unwavering" about splitting. The divorce papers say that the marriage was "irretrevably broken" at least six months before the filing even though Tom says Katie filing for divorce "blindsided" him. It's also interesting where she said they lived. To get a divorce in New York, you need to live there for at least two years and she said she did so she could have everything handled there as opposed to California which has a no fault divorce law and Katie's chances of getting full custody of Suri are greatly diminished.

The reason that she may have checked that the marriage was "irretretivably broken" was that apparently Tom wanted to send Suri to Scientology camp and Katie wasn't going to let that fly. According to TMZ, Tom wanted to send their daughter off to a hardcore Scientology camp that is known as the Sea Organization or Sea Org to insiders. According to sources that TMZ has, Sea Org is comparable to boot camp that has military like conditions and she felt that wasn't appropriate for a six year old. I couldn't imagine being sent off to a hard core boot camp like organization at the age of six. It was hard enough for me to get through a time out at that age.

So, what do you think? Is Katie calling the shots now? Do you think she'll get full custody of Suri? Do you think the Church of Scientology is going to go after Katie and back Tom up? There are several well known celebrities who follow Scientology. Do you think that Hollywood will turn their back on Katie now that she's not with him anymore or do you think that she'll be more likeable now that she's chewed her leg out of that bear trap? Divorce in and of itself saddens me, but do you think that Katie was justified in filing to get her child away from Scientology? Do you think that Katie will try and change her daughter's name to Suri Holmes now that Katie and Tom are divorcing?