Today's lunch time story was without a doubt, the best story of the year.

The names in this story have been changed for the not-so-innocent.

Ladies, if you're looking for... "more", while getting your nails done, today's lunch time conversation narrowed your search to one salon and the one chair every lady, apparently, will want to sit in.

Sexy Nails was visited by somebody who works in the building, we'll call her Linda, and Linda was in for a surprise when she sat down.

Linda, just taking a seat that was open, was enjoying the back massage her chair provided while waiting for her turn to get her nails done. The massage to her lower back was feeling great and then all of the sudden... it was gone... but it reappeared, right under HER seat.

Linda was not ready for that! She didn't have any complaints either. The good vibrations from her chair had her squirming and jumping every time it hit. As Linda tried to hold it together, a guy working there was trying to act like nothing was happening, but inside, he was cracking up!

Pretty soon, Linda, was asking if there was a way to control that particular spot and by that, I mean she was looking for a way to turn IT UP!

Linda, more than likely, will be making her next appointment very soon... and for those of you ladies who want "more" out of your nail day at Sexy Nails, ask to seated in CHAIR 1!