If ever watched Dateline's "To Catch A Predator" you know the host Chris Hansen. He would set up sting operations to catch would be internet sex-perverts.

"The Daily Mail" claims to have caught him in his own scandal. Cheating on his wife. Ironically, the alleged mistress is a tad younger than the 51-year-old reporter. No need to get the "Dateline" reports to get him on his own show, the woman is 30-year-old Kristyn Caddell. She is a reporter from West-Palm Beach, Florida.

The "National Enquirer" set up the sting "operation" and caught him cheating on his wife. They say he's been having an affair for about four months now with Kristyn. Last week the "Enquirer" got footage of the two on a date at the Ritz-Carlton in Florida. After dinner, they allegedly went for a drive along the ocean front. They were also seen stocking up at a liquor store before they returned to her apartment around 10 p.m. Chris left her apartment at 8 a.m. the next day.

Chris, who lives in Connecticut with his Wife and two sons, has been spending time in Florida investigating the mysterious disappearance of a boarter off the South Florida coast five years ago.

Now he knows what it feel like to be "caught in the act."

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