Worried about looking older? Do you look older than you really are?There really are ways for you to look and feel younger. See if these tips might help you look and feel younger.

Stop Stressing Out

This can be easier said than done..but you just have to let it go! Let it Go! Let it Go! We all know that life has it's ups and downs. But the stress part is self induced, and this punishment that you put upon yourself does nothing for you, or those that love you. Stop stressing...Start living.

Consume More Fat

What?! Omega 3 fatty acids are found in Salmon, Walnuts, and seeds, can help maintain a good mood, bone strength, and can help reduce the visible signs of aging because it reduces inflammation in the body. Omega 3's boost your bodies ability to pull that fat out of storage, off your hips, and use it as energy. Go Omega 3's!

Get Off The Couch

Even just walking 10 minutes a day can reduce your chances of getting Alzheimer's Disease by 40%! Stress and anxiety wipe out your memory bank. Regular exercise helps you boost your mood, tones your muscles, and builds healthier bones.

Start Loving Life

Loving something...a person...an activity...an animal...Whatever it may be, embracing life boosts self esteem, fuels the immune system and improves cardiovascular health. Get rid of boredom and stop living in isolation. Do whatever it is that makes you feel energized and alive!

Drink Green Tea

According to recent studies, Green Tea can help with some pretty serious disease contenders. Breast Cancer patients who drink green tea, found that it prevents remissions, and it's also now being tested as a way to prevent bladder, colorectal, and lung cancer recurrences. There's also an indication that it may prevent Alzheimer's. Drinking at least one cup a day can help keep your brain sharper as you get older.

Exercise Your Brain

I was watching a commercial the other day that was promoting a website that actually has you feeling like you're just playing games, but they are actually games to improve your brain power. You can look online for these, or simply start doing things like crossword puzzles. Brain exercises can prevent cognitive decline.

Look at some stars from today and yesterday.  Although we can try to look and feel as young as possible, remember, we all still age.  What this video, and see how you think these stars are aging:


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