I've been there. Chances are you have to. That brownie is calling your name, and you're trying to resist. Your new healthy journey is all about making good choices and you're not willing to stumble, even for a really great brownie! The pros have come up with several great tips to keep us on track! And they make sense!

"Make a collage with pictures that represent you reaching your goal—and look at it when a craving hits. Then ask yourself if having that doughnut will bring you closer to your goals." —Chris Downie, author of The Spark and founder of SparkPeople.com

"Give up artificial sweeteners—they make you crave more sugar. All of my clients who’ve given these up have had more success with their cravings.” —Keri Glassman, RD, author of 02 Diet and founder of NutritiousLife.com

“Depriving a sweet tooth is a recipe for disaster. Don’t cut things out so you binge later. Instead, try allotting up to a fifth of your daily calorie allowance to the sweet of your choice. Every day I have a small package of Paul Newman’s Organic Peanut Butter Cups; they’re 180 calories for the pack—and I don’t feel deprived.” —Jillian Michaels, trainer and host of the upcoming NBC show Losing It With Jillian and author of Master Your Metabolism