For 12 days the hackers posted confidential information like Social Security numbers, credit reports, and so on took down their website. But, before the website completely disappeared, they posted a message saying,

"We have enjoyed every minute of the past 12 days of providing entertainment and laughs to all of you, sadly it's time to say bon voyage."

What?!?!?!? Providing us entertainment by posting Hillary Clinton's Social Security number. How is that enjoyment. Famous person or not, having your personal information out there is dangerous, not funny. I would think it would be harder to steal their identity, I mean how many Kim Kardashians exist?

Still no word on why they did it except for this,

"Behind this jolly visage of rainbows and top hats, we are people. People with a preference for music, a preference for food; we have varying taste in clothes and television, we are just like you. Even Hitler and Osama Bin Laden had these unique variations and style, and isn't that interesting to know?"

I don't know about you, but that doesn't explain much. We all have different preferences in many aspects of life. That doesn't mean we should hack into people's information and post it online.

Jen posted some great information his morning what to do if you get hacked. We hope it never happens, but its always good to be prepared. Check out her tips here.

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