30 years ago, I was with a group of girlfriends, (Lynn Hunn and Myself pictured above from left to right,) enjoying the water and sunshine, and jamming out to the Minneapolis sound of Prince & The Revolution's "Purple Rain" album.


VIG Via Getty Images

I remember laying in the sun and listening to my cassette tape over and over. Yes!  My cassette tape.  I set it on auto play and it would play both sides over and over. When I went inside, I had the album on my phonograph...(I know...Right?!)  Does anyone remember the special message you could play backwards at the end of the album?  He really did have one!

Happy Anniversary to Prince & The Revolution...and thanks for creating and giving the world your memorable music.

Do you remember a place you were, while you were listening to Prince 30 years ago? Email me and let me know:  kelly@mix949.com.