If you haven't seen the likes of this terribly catchy flu strain going around, you've been hiding under a rock...and should stay there for a while!

I've been around for a few years and have seen the flu plenty of times, so the signs should be pretty clear when it's time to start wearing a mask to avoid getting sick, but who really does that? After this particular flu swept through the radio station, you can bet I'm going to start doing that!

A couple weeks ago was the 1st I had heard about it, from my wife, who said her boss was out for about a week with an awful flu that put him out beyond anything he's ever had before. Then, last week, on the other side of St. Cloud it starts hitting co-workers within the radio stations here at Townsquare Media. It's taken a dozen of us out within the last week, and now it's made a full circle, and my wife now has what I am getting over.


If you haven't seen these flu symptoms yet, it's almost a guarantee you'll see it soon. Here's the symptoms that most of us at the radio station has seen with this flu:

  • No warning. It hits you like a Mack truck within a few hours of feeling fine.
  • Extreme chills, sweats, high fever, and fatigue/aches.
  • Stuffy nose and chest, weezing.
  • No reports of vomiting or diarrhea (that I've been told).
  • No appetite to eat anything.
  • It lingers on for a few days, but the first 3 days are almost unbearable.

It's likely that if you bring this flu home, it will spread to your family. The same goes with work, so stay home as long as possible to recover. Get plenty of rest, as it will consume every bit of energy you have. Drink lots of liquids, the sweats will dehydrate you quickly.

There's 3 guarantees in life - Death, taxes, and apparently this flu!