Wrong? Me? Never! Well, there are certain things we may be doing wrong. Who knew? 

When you make dinner and have leftovers, do you put them in the fridge right away? Glen and I talk a lot after dinner as we discuss our day or tell stories, so we don't always get to putting things away right away and it turns out, that's OK. If you put hot food in the refrigerator right away, the outside gets cold faster than the middle and that can lead to growth of bacteria which can lead to food poisoning. If you have something bigger like a ham or a roast, the Food and Drug Administration recommends cutting things up into smaller pieces or slices to help food cool faster. Food can sit out for up to two hours. If the temperature is over 90 degrees, limit that to one hour.

Have you ever gone to the drive through and gotten whatever you ordered and driven away, only to dive in and find out your order is wrong? It's the same with the pharmacy only it's not food. It's your prescription; and that can be very dangerous. According to pharmacists, mistakes at the pharmacy are most likely to happen when you go through the drive through because it's more distracting than talking to customers face to face. I have a regular prescription that I use for my asthma and I always go in to pick it up even though there's a drive through. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I like the face to face. Yes, it's convenient to use the drive through - especially if it's cold or raining, but it's best to go inside and pick up your prescription.

I used to use public transportation on a daily basis. People on their phone, crying babies and guys trying to pick up "chicks" were a part of my commute and I just couldn't take it. I needed something to drown them out, so I started wearing my headphones on the train. Did you know that if you're in a noisy environment like a bus or train, you're more likely to crank your headphones to drown out the background noise? According to the brain trusts at Harvard, in loud environments almost everyone listens at a level that's classified as "unsafe". The best headphones they say are noise canceling headphones. Only one in five listen to them at unsafe levels.