As the government shut down drags on, Congress is quickly losing popularity. In fact, Congress has just a five percent approval rating. So, what’s more popular than Congress right now? Think of the the thing you hate the most and it’s probably on this list. There are still a few things less popular than Congress and most of them are pretty terrible.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is still less popular than Congress; which is probably a good thing considering that Putin stuck up for Syria when their government gassed their own people. Syria also made the list.

The Ebola Virus is less popular than Congress. Now, if you don’t remember the book Hot Zone, let me refresh your memory. Ebola is a rapidly spreading virus that makes you die a horrible death. Before you follow the light to eternal paradise, here’s what the Ebola Virus does to its victims: Fever, headache, muscle aches and chills. Then it progresses to nausea, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, red eyes, rash, cough, stomach pain and bleeding from the eyes, ears, nose, butthole and mouth.

Miley Cyrus is less popular than Congress. Yes, it’s true. The American people prefer Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and John Boehner to that twerking tongue wagging tripe. Twerking, by the way, also made the list.

We also hate Honey Boo Boo, Charles Manson, Anthony Wiener and heroin more than Congress. So, what terrible things are more popular than Congress?

The Department of Motor Vehicles is more popular than Congress. Most people I know would rather go to the dentist and get their teeth cleaned than go to the DMV for any reason. I’ve just learned that you should either use the drive thru, or write a check and do everything via snail mail so you don’t have to deal with crabby clerks.

Dog poop is also more popular. That’s right. We like cleaning up after our dogs and stepping in doody more than we like Congress. That’s pretty bad.

Wall Street is more popular than Congress. The stuffed shirts that play with our money on a regular basis are more popular than the people we elected.

Other things that made the list of Things More Popular Than Congress are zombies, toenail fungus, witches, jury duty, cockroaches, hipsters, hemorrhoids, mothers in law, the IRS and pot holes.