Have you ever tried to talk to your man only to have him clam up, suddenly be busy or keep trying to change the subject? We all know there are some things that they don't like to talk about, but then there are these taboo subjects. 

If you start talking about shoes and diets, he's going to zone out. Ladies, we all know that. Same with shopping, fashion and your soap opera, but men also hate talking about gossip. It's not just Kim Kardashian or Kris Humphries or Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes and other celebrity gossip. It's just gossip in general. Family drama, work drama and gossip about people you know and people he doesn't know. If you're friendly and nice to people while you're out to dinner and then you trash someone for their weight, clothes, hair or anything else, it doesn't reflect well on you. If you have concerns about the guy she's dating, it's OK to voice them, but don't cut her down for putting on ten pounds, wearing a color that doesn't look good on her, or her new hair do.

If you're at a concert, an art gallery, or anything else, don't talk about it while it's happening. You can sing along, clap and cheer at the concert and he can see you're having a good time. You think about what you like or pause in front of something when you're looking at a piece of art, but use your words to recap the event at dinner later on. Guys prefer to just take it in and have an experience versus play by play. Unless it's a hockey game. Or a football game. Or a baseball game. Then the play by play should come from the play by play announcers.

Do you think his friends are a bunch of pigs? Don't tell him about it. It goes hand in hand with the gossip. You're not a big fan of it when he rips your sister or one of your other girlfriends and the same goes for him. It makes him feel disloyal. If there's one you feel is a particularly bad influence on him or your kids, it's best to bring it up in a gentle way, not just rip him to shreds. He does that to their face in a joking manner. Apparently, that's how they bond. Who knew?

Is there anything your man refuses to talk about?