I am a cat person. It's not that I don't like dogs, I just have a cat. I have always thought that cat people and dog people were animal lovers just the same, but I stumbled upon this survey that shows yes, we're the same, but there are eight weird ways cat people and dog people are different. 

Cat people and dog people tend to both talk to their animals and they're both just as likely to have a college degree. Cat people and dog people apparently both hate clothing with pictures of animals on them, but there are some differences between two.

1. Dog People Like Paul McCartney - Almost one out of five say Paul is their favorite Beatle. One in four cat people are more likely to pick George Harrison.

2. Cat People Like to Tweet - One out every ten cat people say they are more likely to use Twitter.

3. Dog People Like the Zoo - Dog people are 9% more likely to think of the zoo as a "happy place".

4. Dog People Like Silly Humor - Almost one third of of dog people like slapstick comedy and impressions. Cat people enjoy puns and irony. Makes sense. Dogs have big personalities. Cats are more stealthy.

5. Cat People Are More Introverted - 14% of cat people surveyed said they like to stick close to their friends at parties.

6. Dog People Support Cloning - More than one in ten said they support the controversial procedure. But only for animals.

7. Cat People Are More Educated - While both cat people and dog people have some sort of college degree, cat people are more likely to have a higher degree, like a Masters or Graduate.

8. Dog People Have Trendier Ringtones - Dog owners say they are more likely to have a pop song for a ring tone versus just the sound of a ringing phone.

Are you a cat person or a dog person and would you say this list is accurate?