I went to Apollo High School and got a pretty solid education. But, there are a few classes that I wish I would have taken even though they weren't the traditional classes that I needed to get into college. My high school offered many of these classes, but I was more focused on things like math and science, which I haven't really needed to use after college. These skills would definitely have helped me out more;

  • Woodworking--the amount of money I could save if I only knew how to build furniture and make decorations myself is mind blowing.
  • Budgeting--I have no idea what that word even means. I took a finance class for one trimester when I was in school, but we didn't really learn what I later in life realized I should have.
  • How to play the stock market--All I know is, rich people invest in the stock market. I'm sure that's an extremely ignorant statement. I would probably know more about it if I had learned about it in high school
  • How to buy a house/get your first apartment--If you've never done either of these things before, it's extremely confusing and stressful. Where do you even start? This is definitely something I wish I would have paid more attention to in high school.
  • Decorating--Remember the color wheel in art class? I don't. I wish I would have taken an interior decorating class, because I don't have a decorative bone in my body.
  • Gardening/canning--This would have been a great class to have in my high school. Having a community garden and learning about proper nutrition and what benefits each fruit and vegetable provides your body would have been great to know. Also, how awesome would it be to eat vegetables all winter that you grew in your own garden! What a money saver!

I definitely think that taking a skills class should be required for all students. What classes do you wish you would have taken, or what classes do you wish your high school had offered? Submit your answer by commenting below!