Well, if we needed a new one,  sources close to the American Idol production say Steven Tyler is the new Paula Abdul.

An insider told the National Enquirer, "He's hilarious! Viewers are in for a real treat when they watch the auditions in January! Steven's incredibly comical without realizing it. Who'd have thought it was possible to out-ditz Paula?"

When asked if the new gig is living up to his expectations, Tyler recently said, "It's actually more. I thought that most people have to go to clubs and be on tour for 40 years, but it's a different world now and there's not even clubs for kids to play in. I mean, there are -- there's ways to grow up like that. But I've been very surprised with . . . And look, some ['Idol' hopefuls] are 14 and feel entitled and can't sing at all."

He continued, "And some are 14 and blew me away. I could not believe what I heard. And keep in mind, you're looking at a guy that never watched the show."

If you want to watch the show, Season 10 of American Idol returns this January.