I don't know about you, but I stress out during the holidays. I always try to pick out the perfect gift for each person on my shopping list--and I've got some hard people to shop for.

A new survey found that 15 percent of Minnesotans received gifts last year that they didn't even like. And, you know what--8 percent of Minnesotans don't even remember what they got for Christmas last year. Yeah, that's right. Chances are, no one will remember what you give them this Christmas either. So, why do nearly 45 percent of us feel so much pressure and stress about what we give people for Christmas?

I think it's because everyone always remembers the stinkers, the bombs and our total gift failures. We don't want to be labeled as the bad gift givers. Do you remember the movie "A Christmas Story?" I'm pretty sure Ralphie never forgot about the God awful pink bunny pajamas.

So, the moral of the story is, your gift doesn't need to be a Red Rider BB gun, but it needs to be good enough where it won't be remembered forever because it sucked. Stop stressing and remember that most people won't remember it anyway. Happy shopping!!

(PR Newswire)