Brittany thought the shirt (pictured above) was hilarious, it's a cute shirt, with a serious message.

As you know, Brittany and I have a daughter on the way sometime in August. I've told Brittany a hundred times, "no boys will ever be allowed in this house after she becomes a teenager... ever."... Brittany laughs in my face and says, "yeah right". We'll see!

On a lighter note, an adorable gift we received at Brittany's baby shower last weekend was handmade from a lady named Amy, who I've known since I was a little kid. Amy is part of my Church back and home and she has three daughters and a number a granddaughters too. She enjoys making them clothes and she stitched up the cutest little dress and matching headband. Check it out below... it's even cuter in person.

Thanks Amy!


Matt Fallon/TSM