A no-brainer. Lindsay Lohan.

With eyes watching her every move, even just the slightest mess-up gives Lindsey headline news. Most of us are guilty of breaking the law when it comes to driving, but when you are famous you never get a break when it comes to anything. Hopefully your driving record is better than Lindsey's!

It's hard to remember everything she's been pulled over for but here is what stands out for Lindsey Lohan's Driving Record. In May of 2007 Lindsey gets a DUI. Two months later she gets another DUI and driving on a suspended license. In November she was convicted and sentenced to one day in jail, ten days community service, three years probation, and an 18-month alcohol education program. She goes on to serve exactly 84 minutes behind bars. Her driving record cleans up a little, but this past March she hit the owner of a club according to reports. Bloggers say paparazzi were blocking her and the club owner was the one who walked in the way on purpose. And most recently, last month she was in an accident with an 18-wheeler that sent her to the ER. She claims the semi cut her off and her brakes failed.

I'm exhausted just thinking of all the drama involved, and that's just her driving record! (Not to self: Do not drive in Hollywood . . . you never know when Lindsey will be on the road!)

Not to just point out Lindsay's errors in driving, a website has the rest of the Top Ten Worst Drivers in Hollywood. Billy Joel comes in second place. He lost control of his '67 Charleston Citroën back in 2004, jumping a curb and smashing into a house. He had crashed before in 2002, 2003, and had a motorcycle accident back in 1983.

Nick Bollea, Hulk Hogan's son came in third. You might recall the story from 2007 when Nick and a buddy were in his car racing and ended up crashing and sending his passenger to the hospital where he is in a vegetative state and will most likely live in a nursing home for the rest of his life. I will note the passenger was not wearing his seat-belt at the time of the crash.

Check out the rest of the Top Ten worst celebrity driver HERE. The list also includes Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Kelsey Grammer, and more.

I will own up to my non-perfect driving record. I've been involved in two accidents, one was my fault (darn you Cooper and 2nd Street merging!) I have been pulled over for speeding several times, O.K. only five times, but have only gotten three total tickets that are not longer on my record because it has been that long! And most recently I got pulled over TODAY by Killian Blvd, yes, right before the Mix studios. I did not make a full and complete stop, but the kind officer gave me a verbal warning. Thank you Officer!

Care to confess your Oops! driving moments?

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