Kelly Marcel, the woman who is writing the script for the first installment of "50 Shades of Grey" says she is aiming for an NC-17 Rating. So not only will the movie be a hot one for the ladies, but for the guys that will be forced to watch too!

Kelly says,

"It’s going to be raunchy.  We are 100% going there."

Going there? As in ALL the sex scenes from the book? Not sure we all need to see every scene on the big screen. Do not worry, Kelly says not every sex scene will be in the movie.

"We did go through and decide which are our favorites and which are not.  Most of them are in there, but I can’t say more than that."

The studio will be deciding what rating to give it. Hopefully the studio is smart and films the raunchy scenes in a "your mom and dad are in the room watching what you are watching" type of way. If not, the movie may not even make it to the box office. They could always release an uncensored cut on DVD to rake in more money on sales!

Will you watch the "50 Shades of Grey" movies when they come out? What do you think the appropriate age to watch these movies should be?

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