I had the chance to catch up with the Irish-British boy-band 'The Wanted' last night at the Skyway Theatre in downtown Minneapolis.  The guys recently announced that they were taking a 'break' after their 'Word Of Mouth' tour, and have no plans on getting back together in the foreseeable future.

I found the guys to be charming, talented and extremely appreciative of their American fans.  The guys performed all of their massive radio hits, including 'Glad You Came', which has sold almost 4 million copies alone here in the U.S. to date and peaked at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100.  The Wanted were unable to capture the success of 'Glad You Came' on this side of the pond, but did go on to have massive success in the U.K. with a total of ten Top 10 hits over a 4-year-period.

At one point, all five guys picked up instruments and performed (I found that to be a very cool touch), and it looked like they really enjoyed the reaction from the crowd.  One of the stand out songs for me last night, was a song called 'Warzone.'  The song wasn't released here in the U.S., but was a minor hit in Ireland and the U.K.

Whatever the future holds for Tom, Siva, Jay, Max and Nathan, I wish them the very best. You can tell that they enjoyed the ride while it lasted, and will cherish the memories they've made together for many years to come.  Last nights show, was a celebration (these are Tom's words) of The Wanted's legacy and a way to thank the fans for all their support over the years.

Chad and Jay from The Wanted (Chad Taylor)