The big get together for a press conference with the four judges,Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green, and Adam Levine to discuss the up-coming season of The Voice compared to the first two seasons.

We realize that being a new show it takes a little time to get the kinks out, so some tweaking needed to be done.

It seems that the show is losing a lot of great talent in the Battle Rounds, in the a new season they introduce what's called," The Steal".

The Steal works likes this, each individual coach has two opportunities to save a defeated singer and ask them to join their own team from the previous team they were on. If more than one judge takes on a fallen one, the power gets put in their hands, Blind Auditions start again,then the contestant picks which team they want to join.

Hopefully this will help probable winners of the contest have a better chance than previously where they might have had to hit the pavement.

The other upgrade is called  "The Knockouts" where the coaches go into Battle Rounds with 16 contestants. They cut that down to eight in addition to the two stolen performers. Those 10 of each team get into The Knockouts round and from there it narrows down to five from each team to the live rounds.

One of the benefits here is more singing and a few more battles between the judges (if you know what I mean).

The season premiere of the new season of The Voice appears September 10th.

A sneak peak of the auditions in Los Angeles for season 3.