I'm just happy that this election is finally over. I'm not happy with the outcome...but I believe in our democracy and the will of the majority. Here's what I shared on my personal Facebook page...

The election is over. I don't need to hear from every Trump supporter about who won. Its time for all the negativity here to stop. The majority of the American people spoke loud and clear. Our president-elect has four years with no excuses not to follow through on every single one of his promises. He has the GOP support in both the house and senate. Now we sit back and watch him make America great again. God Speed.

Here's a small list of the things we learned from the election this year...

-The rest of America found Tim Kaine as weird as I do.

-No matter how hard Alec Baldwin tries on SNL, he can't out-crazy the guy he portrays on TV.

-Donald was 100% right. The polls are rigged.

-Not paying taxes will become the new normal for all Americans.

-Hillary Clinton should should never use email again.

-Trump doesn't have anyone on his staff or in his family brave enough to question his orange skin tone.

-If you're worth billions you can still make yourself relatable to the average person by simply by putting on a cheesy red hat.

-A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there were these things called "facts" that people researched before voting.

-Sexual assault is always a bad thing, but it's not nearly as terrible as deleting emails.

-Never brag about your sexual conquests in front of Billy Bush.

-Facebook proves that half of our friends are racists.

-If you ask Donald about his tax returns, he'll start talking about ISIS.

-If you ask Hillary about her emails, she'll start talking about Trump's tax returns.

-A lot of pollsters need to update their resumes.

-Scott Baio has a ton of pull apparently in elections.

-Most Americans love orange misogynists.