Jen and I discussed the Top Reasons Women Lie on Facebook this morning on the Get Up & Go Show.  Female First posted results from a recent survey they conducted and we both agreed that a majority of women were guilty of the top seven on the list.

-Photo-shopping photos before posting them.

-Hyping up their careers (maybe exaggerating their success a bit).

-Only posting about exciting nights, so they seem like their a member of the Kardashian clan.

-Only posting pics that show their pad when its neat and clean.

-Using photos from their past, when they either looked better or were in better shape.

-Untagging themselves in pics where they don't look good.

-Only posting about the cute things their kids do.

My wife is guilty of three of the above!  Jen admitted to retouching photos before posting them up and using pics from her past when she felt she looked better.

How about you?  Admit your guilt, it will make you feel better lol