So you think the government shutdown was ended due to a 'compromise' between GOP and DFL leaders? Think again, just like all politicians they took the credit and fame on the backs of the little guy. The website offered up this explanation of the video below:

When a chorus of singing beer drinkers threatened to stop working, a shuttered Minnesota State Capitol staggered to its knees. Within eight hours, Governor Mark Dayton, Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, and House Speaker Kurt Zellers agreed to a framework for opening the doors of government again.

The Minnesota Beer Drinkers Chorus must remain thirsty for tax equality, though their demands for beer access will be met under the terms of the agreement.

Forbes reported “It must have been the threat of Minnesota’s bars quickly running out of beer and being unable to buy new supplies without their government issued purchase cards that did the trick.”

Now, the true story can be told about the video that ended the shutdown. Revising a classic Prohibition song, thirsty beer drinkers sing their demands that the legislature return and agree on a state budget.

Here's the video of the song- and you can get the whole story here.