So, it’s spring, I have a huge farm garden and lots of ambition (for now). While it was still cold, I dug up half of my garden, threw some horse manure in there for good luck and put some snow pea seeds in the ground.

After what seemed like months (but was only a couple of weeks) I HAVE PEAS! This is really exciting for me. Yeah, I know, put seeds in the ground, add sun and water, and things grow – but isn’t it exciting every single spring when it happens?

I have tomato and pepper seedlings ready to go in when the soil warms up and I have high hopes for this year’s garden. I especially hope that by the time August rolls around you won’t find me in a lawn chair sipping lemonade and watching the weeds grow. If I lose my ambition this year though, I’ve got a plan. Gardeners-In-Training! Like my friend here – 3-year-old Mason.