Just say the name Cameron Dallas to the capacity crowds at The Myth over the weekend, and they explode with excitement. The Magcon Tour made a stop in St. Paul over the weekend, and the fans showed up in the thousands to get a selfie with their favorite social media sensation. You've probably never heard of Aaron Carpenter, Jacob Sartorius, or even god fearing Dylan Dauzat, but I can guarantee that your daughters have! These kids have followings in the millions. Just check out their Instagram, Vine, and Twitter accounts if you don't believe me.

The CEO and Founder of the Magcon Tour said quote; "These are the most famous kids you've never heard of!" Bart Bordelon is a single father of five who is ready to take these social media stars all across the states, and even to Europe before the end of the year. This is your "Parents Guide" to the kids your kids can't stop watching on social media. Watch the video above, and get yourself acquainted with the internet's biggest stars.

How about these numbers...Cameron Dallas (11 million followers on Instagram), Jacob Sartorius (2.7 million followers on Instagram), and Aaron Carpenter (2.8 million followers on Instagram). A big thanks to both Bart and Nick for the hospitality last night, and for giving us behind the scenes access to the show. 

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