It's been a few weeks now since we've had an update on who will replace Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger as judges on X-Factor, so I did some "research"  to find out who is in the running to be a judge.

We know Britney Spears is in the mix of celebrity judges. The "Hollywood Reporter" says Demi Lovato is closing a deal to join Britney on "X Factor" next season. Again, there's still no official word on Britney. Supposedly, she's getting $15 million for one season.

"Sources" say Simon is interested in Demi because she "will bring a younger audience to the show." But Demi isn't the only rumored judge. claims Miley Cyrus is in the running, but she doesn't have an offer yet. There's also talk that Simon is considering Avril Lavigne.

So no official comments or deals have been made for anyone, but out of these options, who would you rather see as a judge: Britney, Demi, Miley, or Avril?

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