Are you married?  Living happily ever after?  Never a worry in the world?  If you answered yes to all those questions, then you've probably realized that being married comes will a whole set of rules that when followed, can make marriage a great experience, even in the worst of times. So how do those happy marriages stay happy?



Sometimes our spouses don't know when we are stressed to the max.  Probably one of the biggest mistakes I made in my marriage was not asking for help when I needed it, and being frustrated, hurt and angry that my spouse couldn't just tell.  Try to vocalize your feelings, instead of assuming that your spouse knows what's going on.



My ex and I were quite the same in many ways.  We both had a love of music, we were both full time musicians, we traveled the country together. We were also very different in many ways.  He was a great negotiator, and hard to beat in an argument.  I was better with paperwork and patience.  In the end, our differences ended up being too great to overcome.  Keep in mind that your differences can sometimes be your greatest strengths.  The experts say both parties need to learn patience and understanding. Sometimes it's not a matter of wrong or's all a matter of opinion. Working together or finding a way to settle your differences will help you maintain a healthy relationship.



Once you've started a family, it becomes harder to stay connected to each other, but also it's easy to forget who you are, when you're changing diapers, working, keeping up the household and making supper.  Maybe you're both working two jobs, or one is staying home with the baby, while the other is trying to keep the money rolling in. Whatever is going on, find time to take a few minutes to recharge.  Those few minutes might help you avoid an argument altogether.