I have an unbelievable relationship and connection with my now (6) year old daughter Macy Lynn.  We are alot alike and sometimes that can make for the best moments between us.  Yesterday, she asked me to take her on a bike ride through our new neighborhood.  We started out slow but as she got a bit braver, we ended up taking it up a notch. 

Before you knew it, we were really moving and I was encouraging her to start peddling a bit faster.  We just bought her a new Barbie bike for her birthday, so we wanted to put it to good use.  She needed a little encouragement from dear old dad to go faster and I was glad to oblige.  You probably have an idea by now where this story is going.  She ended up falling off the bike and making a scene in front of all the neighbors that happened to be outside at the time, which was all of them of course!

She didn't get hurt but was embarrased and made a b-line for the house, leaving her new bike in the middle of the road and every so often turning around to give me the dirtiest look ever.  Nothing is funnier then seeing her run away mad with this oversized bike helmet bouncing up and down.  I managed to pick up the bike and walk it home, meanwhile still getting  glares from Macy in the foreground and the continued whispers from my fellow neighbors as I passed. 

The leasson I learned:  It's fine to take them out of their comfort zone but don't over do it!  We did end up making up and playing a fun game of kick ball in the front yard.  I even let her do a "cheer" routine for me, complete with pom pom's as I pretended to shoot baskets against our garage door **once again the neighbors had something to whisper about lol.

I love spending time with my daughter and I'm thankful I'm taking the time to enjoy these special little moments (good and bad).  I'm sure alot of parents out there can relate and share in my ups and downs.  We may not be perfect but then again, who is?  Being a Dad didn't come with a "how to" handbook or even a "Dad for dummies" guide.  We just have to learn from our mistakes and pick up everytime we fall down..... just like Miss Macy Lynn did..she eventually got back on that bike and did it all over again!