Above is a sneak peek at this year's castle, which they are aiming to open by the end of this month.

If you're waiting for the announcement when the opening day will be, keep checking their Facebook page or their website.

Ice Castles via Facebook

The Ice Castle is amazing and the fact that the talented people behind the structure grow more than five-thousand icicles, EVERYDAY, to build the castle makes it even more impressive.

Ice Castles creator, Brent Christensen started the idea when he moved his family from California to Utah. Tired of being indoors all the time, Christensen got busy building an ice rink in the back yard... a 20-foot slide, a tower resembling a castle and an ice cave.  Christensen's kids started calling it “Ice Castle" and the idea has really evolved with locations in Minnesota, Utah, New Hampshire and Canada.

Ice Castles via Facebook

Something tells me your kids will like it too.