Tis' the season to be jolly and you may find yourself at a lot of functions, parties, family reunions which means you could run into a lot of awkward people ( not saying that's a bad thing).

Some painless tips to deal with those you may dread:

  • The Extreme Introvert -  You can help this type out by asking real simple questions for their opinion. At least they won't be standing in the shadows in mere silence.
  • Negative Whiners - Prevent the bad attitudes from bringing you down, after all it's the holidays for crying out loud. A great way to cheer this type up is maybe discuss topics that are funny and positive. If that doesn't work, go get a snack or drink and don't come back to the conversation, at least you tried.
  • TMI (Too Much Information) - Once in awhile you you will run into this type, the best out is to be direct honestly, there will be times when the conversation will be uncomfortable, so tell them, "I'd rather talk of something else, if that's okay." This works because you get them off the hook before they share too much.

Hope these few tips will help you out as you prepare to head off to your function.