Good Morning Central Minnesota.  Today Partly Cloudy (76).  Tomorrow and Thursday Storms Possible with highs near 80.

Celeb Birthdays Include:  Blake Shelton (37), Nathan Morris of Boyz II Men (42) and Sir Paul McCartney (71).

Oreos just released a new flavor for summer....Watermelon Oreos!  Exclusive to Target and only $3 a package.  Were sending our intern their as soon as they open this morning.

According to a new survey, email is the method of communication most likely to make people angry at work.  Two out of  three people say they've had a work email that unintentionally caused anger or confusion.

Jen picked the Swan Brothers to take the cake tonight on The Voice!  We'll find out on tonight's 4th season finale 8PM on NBC.

We played the funny drive thru rant from Taylor Chapman.  He flipped out after Wendy's messed up his order and the driver behind him caught all the action.

Brit Brit released a new single "Ooh La La" from the Smurfs 2 soundtrack.  She did it because her boys are big fans and get a chance to be in the music video.

Patty from St. Cloud knew "Ramon Noodles" was what we were looking for this morning with 'Gourmet Guess.'  She scored a gift cert from our friends at the American Burger Bar.

Tonight Mix will join the St. Cloud Rox for "Bark in the Park."  Ticket proceeds from your four legged friends will benefit the Tri-County Humane Society.

A new survey found moms feel stressed at least FIVE times per day.  The most stressful time of the day is 11:56AM believe it or not.

New DVD's in store today include:  Jack the Giant Slayer and New CD's include Anthem from Hanson and Talk A Good Game from Kelly Rowland.