Good Morning Central Minnesota! More rain coming your way. Expect storms with a high near 77. Tonight storms possible with a low around 63. Pack the umbrella and put raincoats on the kids :)

Celeb Birthdays this morning include: Annette Bening, Latoya Jackson and Mel B from the Spice Girls.

The 'Biebs' isn't very popular with his neighbors.  Former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson had to chase him down this past Monday for speeding through their Calabasas neighborhood in his Ferrari. Apparently when Justin saw Keyshawn coming up his driveway, he made a b-line for the house.  Cope were called but no word on what happened after that.

Last night we said goodbye to two more contestants on The Voice.  Birmingham's own Sarah Simmons and teammate Judith Hill from Team Adam were sent packing.  Next week the 'Top 6' perform for your votes.

Since we've done so much talking about 'Ticks' this morning on the show, here's a link back to the story Jen did inside the 'Junk Drawer' a few weeks ago.  Our sister station also has some helpful information on 'Tick' season here in Minnesota.

Trisha from Monticello hit a home run with 'Song Pop Radio' this morning and picked up lunch at Dickey BBQ Pit + tickets to see the St. Cloud Rox game on Sunday for Teacher Appreciation Day / Coborn's Kids Day.  The category was 'American Idols' by the way.

Recent survey says we should drink exactly 4 cups of coffee (no more / no less) because at four cups you get all the health benefits like potential weight loss, lower risk of heart disease and lower risk of diabetes.  FYI Jen drinks double that lol

Jen had some great summer party planning tips inside the 'Junk Drawer' this morning.  If it would ever stop raining, we could get down to it :)

From the 'Bad Parenting' files, this past Sunday night, drivers on the PA Turnpike spotted a pickup truck with a dog cage in the back....with a dog and 10 year old girl inside!!  The girl's mother said the girl was in there because quote "the dog was whining and the girl wanted to keep him company."

This may be the strangest 'mother - daughter' story we've come across in awhile. These two are looking for a father - son duo to shoot some movies together.

Four Facebook Scams and how they hurt you! We were both guilty of falling for some of these.