Good Morning Central Minnesota. No rain expected today and temps should reach the mid 60's if were lucky with a low of 36. We have a few pair of tickets to check out the St. Cloud Rox on Sunday June 2nd. Its 'Teacher Appreciation Day' and Coborn's Kid's Day **kids have the chance to run the bases and get autographs on the field after the game.. Be listening for the cue to call and score a pair of tickets to the game.

St. Cloud Rox

Our favorite heiress 'Paris Hilton' signed a new record deal with Cash Money Records and plans to release a new album of 'House Music' this summer. Insiders say 'Lil Wayne' and 'AfroJack' are attached to the project and will contribute to the production. Didn't we get enough of her terrible tunes back in 2006?

There could be a shake up at American Idol and Dancing with the Stars next season.  Word on the 'Idol Set' is they could bring back former contestants to judge.  An insider over at Fox says they've approached season one winner 'Kelly Clarkson' and the controversial 'Adam Lambert' to see if their interested.  Over on the 'DWTS Set' word is Len and Carrie Ann could be out and new blood brought in!  This season's finale received the lowest ratings in the shows history and that's got exec's at ABC very worried.

Talk about an unbelievable find!  a 34-year-old Minnesota man found a copy of the 'Most Valuable Comic Book of All Time' hidden in the walls of a home he was remodeling.  David Gonzalez buys and flips homes for a living.  His recent project a home he purchased for $10,100 located in Elbow Lake, MN.  The home had old newspapers instead of insulation and he was in the process of removing it when he found a copy of 'Action Comics Number One' from 1938 which featured the first appearance of 'Superman.'  The comic is valued at 2 million in mint condition **this is not in great condition but to make matters worse, his in laws ended up tearing it because they got so excited - which knocked $75K off the price.  He has bids now starting at well over $135K.

Jody in St. Cloud rocked 'Real Product or Not' this morning and scored lunch over at McDonald's and tickets to check out the St. Cloud Rox!  Tomorrow morning we have another chance at lunch and tickets by playing 'Secret Celebrity' just after 7:40AM.

The 'Biebs' makes you sign a waiver to hang at his pad?  If you talk about what shook down at Justin's crib, it could cost you five million dollars (in my best Dr. Evil voice).

Oprah, Beyonce, Angelina and Sofia all made the Forbes list of the 'World's 100 Most  Powerful Women.'  Jen just missed the list year...she was at 101....always next year!

Jen has a great 'Junk Drawer' this morning just in time for Memorial Day.  Cooking Mistakes that can make you and your guests sick.  Worth the read!

Shame on you ladies...according to a new survey, 65% of women say they've used sex as a REWARD to bribe their husbands into doing things they need done!  Some of the common scenarios include helping around the house, cooking dinner and looking after the kids.