Good Morning Central Minnesota. Another warm day on tap.  Partly cloud with a high near 86.  Tonight clear and only dropping down to around 61.  Enjoy!

Celeb Birthdays Include:  Madylin Sweeten (22) **Ally on Everybody Loves Raymond, Tobey Maguire (38), and Khloe Kardashian (29).

There's a new iPhone App that lets you record what's going on around you ALL THE TIME!  Its called "Heard" and its got tons of people up in arms!  It was made available earlier this week but was taken down because of technical issues.  Should be back up soon.

We played clips of Paula Deen's interview on the Today Show yesterday.  One of the best quotes from the chat came directly from Paula, "I is what I is."

According to a new survey, teachers spend an average of $465 of their own money on school supplies each year.  Only 25% of the teachers said that parents were required to pay for supplies, which is down from 47% in 2010.

Deb from St. Cloud had fun playing "Real Product or Not" and picked up lunch at the American Burger Bar in St. Joe.

A women near Columbus, Ohio was having financial problems and decided she couldn't care for her four & a half foot python anymore,  She thought it was a good idea to just set it free in the parking lot of her trailer park?  She told police her plan was to go find it later and run over it with the lawn mower?

Looking forward to the new romantic comedy "Thanks for Sharing" starring Gweneth Paltrow and Pink.  Its about sex addiction and hits theaters in September.

Our friend Billy Bush from Access Hollywood and our new night show called this morning.  Listen for Billy weeknights 6-10PM on the Mix.

Jen had some great money saving tips and more inside the "Junk Drawer."

Stephanie from St. Cloud is qualified for the 3 day pass to check out Halfway Jam next month.

Our NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT this morning was on Rhianna's new collaboration with David Guetta called "Right Now."

Jean from St. Cloud picked up a new Get Up & Go Show coffee mug and family 4 pack to sit VIP style to the fireworks for giving her feedback in this mornings "Download or Delete."  She loved Rihanna's new on :)

It looks like Justin Bieber is running around with a married women.  Her name is Jordan Ozuna and she's a former Hooters waitress.