Good Morning Central Minnesota.  Isolated thunderstorms with a high near 85.  Tonight showers late with a low around 66.  Keep the umbrella in arms length when your out and about today.

Celeb Birthdays Include:  Nick Offerman (43) **Ron from Parks & Rec, Terri Nunn (52) **Berlin and Chris Isaak (57).

Kris Jenner explained why her golden child named her first born "North West."  Kris said its because quote "North means the highest point and North is their highest point together."

Kim Kardashian played a cool prank on her friends.  She sent them all FAKE baby pics to see if they would try to sell them to the tabloids and it WORKED!  Not just once but twice!

We played the clip of Paula Deen's son explaining why his moms not a racist.  His reasoning was his parents bought him "Hank Aaron PJ's" as a kid and told his story of overcoming the odds.

Crystal from Little Falls had her thinking cap on this morning and correctly guessed all 3 songs inside "Song Pop Radio" and picked up a Taylor Swift prize pack.

Jen had some great summer tips for kids inside the "Junk Drawer" this morning.

Ron D from St. Cloud had quick dialing fingers and is now qualified for the 3 day pass to check out Halfway Jam next month.

According to a new survey of ladies, 43% admit ti putting on makeup while they're driving.  Most say they to try to only do it at stop lights or traffic jams.  Lip gloss was the most popular answer given for what they put on while behind the wheel.

Be careful next week on the 4th of July!  Apparently the 4th is the hardest day of the year on cell phones.  Claims for lost or damaged phones go up by over 50% right after the 4th.

Wearing a Plain White T-Shirt instantly makes guys more attractive to women? The least attractive thing a man can wear is something that draws attention to their stomach.