Good Morning Central Minnesota. Beautiful day on tap. Sunny, Sunny, Sunny with a high of 77. Tonight Partly Cloudy with a low of 54 and tomorrow expect it to be warm again with a high near 75.

Celeb Birthdays Include:  Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen (27), Tim Allen (60) and Ally Sheedy (51).

Crazy story out of Foley, MN.  An employee at Coborns was kidnapped yesterday morning around 2:50AM and forced to drive the suspect to Minneapolis.  Employee returned back home unharmed.  More details out of our newsroom expected later today.

Two new Teenager Trends:  Eyeball Licking and Jumping out of a moving Bus?  What are they thinking?  The Eyeball trend started in Japan and has now moved stateside and the jumping out of the moving bus has had 15 reported incidents alone this month.

Vivian in Rice scored tickets to Guys & Dolls at the Paramount Theatre just for playing along with 'Real Product or Not.'

According to a new survey, the average man only has FIVE hairstyles in his life and picks his permanent one by age 32.  Women try an average of seven hairstyles in their lifetime.

NASCAR Driver Jason Leffler was killed in a crash last night at the Sprint Car Race in Bridgeport, CT.  He was only 37 years old and leaves behind a small child.

Jen had some awesome ideas for your baby shower inside the 'Junk Drawer' this morning.

Samantha from Kimball is now qualified for a 3 day pass to check out Halfway Jam.