Good Morning Central Minnesota.  Its going to be a gorgeous day with highs near 80 today!  Tonight partly cloudy with a low right around 54.  Tomorrow and Friday are also looking good, with highs near 80.  Summer has finally arrived :)

The Father's Day countdown has begun.  Cool things you can do with Dad in Minnesota include Fishing, Camping or going shooting (see picture above).

Celeb Birthdays Include: Kendra Wilkinson (28), Jenilee Harrison (55) and Meredith Brooks (55).

There's a new fad diet out called BOREDOM DIET.  It claims you can lose weight by eating nothing but your one favorite food.  Researchers found after just one week, people got bored of the food and were eating about 100 calories less per meal.

We said goodbye to Sasha and Amber on The Voice last night.

Chad from St. Cloud won lunch over at Subway for correctly naming the 3 songs inside 'Song Pop Radio' this morning (Category was 1993) Runaway Train, I Will Always Love You and Two Princes.

Jen had some great money saving tips inside the 'Junk Drawer' this morning.

Dawn in Rice is now qualified for the 3 day pass to check out Halfway Jam.  She could be the missing X.

Rumor has it Kate Upton celebrated her 21st birthday this past Monday in the arms of Maksim Chmerkovskiy from DWTS.

A new survey found the average women says her high heels start hurting after one hour, six minutes, and 48 seconds.  The survey also found 28% of women walk home barefoot after a night out in heels.