Good Morning Central Minnesota.  Partly Sunny with a high near 78.  Tonight may see a storm with a low around 57.  It looks like summer temps have finally arrived.  Don't forget Father's Day is just around the corner.

Celeb Birthdays Include:  Shia LaBeouf (27), Dr. Oz (53), Hugh Laurie (54) and Greta Van Susteren (59).

Creative Father's Day Gift ideas include:  Rubix Cube Pencil Holder, Approach S1 North America and Ginger Syrup?

A new study says the average man doesn't become emotionally mature until age 43..WAY later than women.  Women are mature at age 32.

Former NFL star Chad Johnson got arrested in the middle of a court room hearing after he playfully slapped his male attorney on the backside.  The judge in our opinion overreacted and then refused to accept his plea deal, instead sending him to the county jail for 30 days for violating his probation.

The Voice recap from last night included a performance by Usher and a standout performance by the Swon Brothers.  The live Semi-Finals are tonight 7P on NBC.

Nelly's 'Country Grammer' topped the best hip hop hooks since 2000.

Laura from St. Cloud had her thinking cap on this morning and knew Ketchup was the answer to 'Gourmet Guess.'  She scored tickets to the St. Cloud Rox and lunch at Subway.

Top five worries before a date include:  Bad Breath, Choosing the right Outfit, Looking fat, Body odor and Bad hair.

Check out Jen's 'Junk Drawer' this morning, esp if you love board games!

DVD's in store today include:  Oz the Great and Powerful and Snitch. CD's include:  Goo Goo Dolls tenth studio album 'Magnetic' and '24/seven' from Big Time Rush.

Jennifer in St. Cloud is qualified for the 3 day pass to Halfway Jam. We draw a winner in mid July.