Good Morning Central Minnesota!  Guess what?  We have more rain expected today and tomorrow.  Today's high 77 with a low tonight around 56.  Have a great day and stay dry.

According to a new study, 40 % of households in the U.S. with children under 18 years of age have a FEMALE bread winner.  In 1960, 11% of households had a female breadwinner.  That number has QUADRUPLED in just 50 years!

Usher went on 'Ellen' yesterday to defend his protege' Justin Bieber.  He said quote "I don't look at it as a negative though.  I look at it as a teenager.  He is a teenager having to live his life in front of the camera."  Justin has been doing some crazy things lately, including reckless driving and getting caught smoking an unknown substance.

This past Tuesday, an ABC affiliate in Maine was about to do a live report about a 73 year old man with dementia who'd gone missing the day before.  As the crew got ready to go on the air, they found the guy.  He wandered up and started chatting with them.  He seemed to be fine and they called rescue to the scene just in case.

Graduation season is here and asked people the appropriate amount of money to give: The averages were $111 (high school), $243 (college) and $256 for grad school.  The survey also found the average undergrad finishes with approx $14,000 of debt.

Anita in Albany was brave enough to play 'Real Product or Not' this morning and scored tickets to check out the St. Cloud Rox this Sunday afternoon.

Last March in England, a 30 year old man died from drinking to much SODA?  He'd drink at least a gallon every day, which led to dangerously low sodium levels in his body

Jen has 'Outlet Shopping' tips inside this mornings 'Junk Drawer.'  Good Stuff for you folks looking for hot deals!

Minnesota's own Zach Sobiech keeps making headlines weeks after the 18 year old's passing.  The week of his funeral, he topped both the iTunes singles and album charts, now he just made his debut on both the Billboard 200 album chart and Hot 100 singles chart.  Zach's single 'Clouds' is sitting pretty at #26 with a bullet and the album 'Fix Me Up' is at #20 right behind Bruno Mars.